Indexed by DOAJ, AVITEC is ready to publish the qualified journal

Since 23th of May 2024, Aviation Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electricals, and Controls (AVITEC) has been indexed by DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). Therefore, articles published starting in the August 2024 edition will be indexed in DOAJ.
DOAJ is an international unique and extensive index of diverse open access journals, driven by a growing community, and is committed to ensuring quality content freely available for everyone.
Being indexed by DOAJ, AVITEC has improved in many aspects, especially, and has the opportunity to increase the visibility and accessibility of open access scientific and scholarly journals and accelerate the journals usage and impact.
With the index, will certainly increase the interest of the author of the academic field of Electrical Engineering to publish his scientific work. On the other hand, the management of AVITEC will improve the content quality in sustainable manner, until that this journal can compete in national and international level.

Posted: 2024-06-14
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