Performance Analysis of Illumination Invariant Change Detection Method for Detecting Image Change in Night Vision Camera

Adri Priadana


At present, the use of video cameras is not only limited to documenting events but is also used for surveillance systems. Changes in lighting that occur in the surveillance area is one of the problems that result in a false alarm on the surveillance system. Illumination Invariant Change Detection is a method for detecting image changes on images. This study aims to determine the performance of the Illumination Invariant Change Detection method to detect image changes in night vision surveillance cameras. The Illumination Invariant Change Detection method does not work well for detecting image changes on a night vision camera under dark lighting conditions at an average value of Lux 0 with an infrared lamp on. The accuracy of the application of the method to detect image changes on night vision cameras is 80% with the selection of the threshold value of the detection of image changes that is 75000 pixels.


image change detection, Illumination Invariant, Illumination Invariant Change Detection, night vision camera


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