Strength Analysis on Airplane Fuselage Structure Stringer

Dwi Hartini


Fuselage is an airplane main body structure designed for accommodating the crew, passengers, and cargo. The fuselage of a modern aircraft is a semi-monocoque construction. Semi-monocoque structure is very efficient, it has a high strength to weight ratio, and it has design flexibility and can withstand local failure without total failure through load redistribution. One of the loading on fuselage is cabin pressure. In continuous operation airplane due to cabin pressure, damage often occur in the fuselage, for example on the stringer. Type of repair to deal with cases of damage to stringer needs to be analyzed. This study aims to determine the effect of angle thickness and fastener variations on the strength of repair stringer structure. The analysis stage by 3D modeling with CATIA software. Simulation of structural analysis in the form stress and calculating the Margin of Safety.  The thicker of angle and the more number of fasteners in the web area and the flange used in the repair, the stress that occurs in each variation will decrease. Modeling the structure is safe against pressure loading.


Strength of the Structure; Stringer; Repair; Margin of Safety


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